Station Updates:

Spring 2015: TR General Rescue Training at Tri-County

TR Gen- Rescue Ops, PPE (Last Weekend)

TR Gen- Rescue Equipment Jan 23, 6-11pm

TR Gen- Helicopter Transport Jan 24, 9-4

TR Gen- Ropes Feb 6th, 6-11pm; 7th-8th, 9-5; 27th, 6-11pm

TR Gen- Rescue Rigging Feb 28, 9-5; Mar 13-14, 6-11pm, 9-4

TR Gen- Victim Management Mar 27, 6-11pm; 28th, 8-6



About the squad

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The Andrews Rescue Squad has been serving the citizens of Cherokee County since 1966. We cover 103 sq miles in the eastern most part of Cherokee county North Carolina including the Town of Andrews, with a population of 7,450.


We respond to about 2,000 calls’ per year. The Squad responds to all types of rescues and we are back up for Cherokee county EMS at the basic level.

We have in service 5 pieces of apparatus. The first and the newest is a 2006 freightliner heavy rescue 3372, 1996 ford F-350 light rescue 3371, 1994 ford F-350 AVE ambulance 3391, 1994 GMC suburban Quick Response Vehicle and last but not least, a 2006 Kawasaki 3010 4x4 mule 3375.


The Andrews Rescue Squad does all this with 36 dedicated unpaid volunteers.  Since Andrews Rescue Squad does not have a tax base, we count on donations from Cherokee County, the town of Andrews, and the most important the Good people in our community.


If you have a strong desire to serve your community and be around some of the greatest people in the tri-state area, you might have what it takes to be one of THE HERD!!


Feel free to browse around and check out our equipment and members. If you have any questions feel free to contact us. Just remember the site is a work in progress and just navigate around the construction areas.